Where Is the Baby?

my own little Billy
more addictive than episodes of 'Hoarders', the weekly(?) flash fiction challange is here. The prop is babies and the prompt is pulp fiction:

“...Thank you Nancy, for having me on your show. Always been a huge fan. I mean, not of those sad stories, but of you…So anyway, you wanted to know about my sister. See, I am a tough cookie, but Bernadette - it's a different story. She folds under pressure like them cheap patio chairs.

I mean, with her 18 month old baby missing and those media all going crazy, it IS the time to be kinda composed, ya’know? If our parents were alive, they would probably knew better how to calm her [explicit censored] down. Too bad they were murdered by that serial killer.

So you see, this stuff has happened to us before; I mean, her ex boyfriend; ugliest bastard you’ve ever seen; I don’t know how she could fall for him with this eye patch and an ugly scar; he managed to snatch little Billy right out of the delivery room.
The kid was found two days later, when this dummy tried to sell him on Craigslist.
Well then of course, Family Protective Services began looking closer at Billy’s home environment.
In all truth, it would’ve been better if the case worker that they assigned would not be on the hunt for kids to be used for satanistic sacrifices. But no worry, Billy was rescued during a car jack of that wench’s getaway vehicle.

He sure went through a lot. Did I mention that Burger Kind stand up?

I am sure he will show up in no time.”

“Ahg..well..Thank you, Ms. Watson. And now we have breaking news…Billy Watson, a little boy whose disappearance during a camping trip into Colorado woods shook the nation, turned up in a local wild animal sanctuary, healthy and intact.

We are going now to our correspondent in Denver…”

copyright M. Morris 2011 


  1. That's a lot to go thru for an 18 month old! It's like Baby's (Extreme!) Day Out. fun to read.

  2. I liked the voice of the story vey much!