Three Men on a Snow Day

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'It can’t happen' - he promised himself as he was driving down the boulder studded tundra that - according to his map -used to be called Northern California  - ‘I cannot die on this god forsaken land.’

The events of the last couple of days flashed in front of his eyes.

Like many young impoverished scavengers would do from time to time, Jaz, Meed-Lu and he landed on Earth to explore the frozen areas and dig for artifacts they would sell home.

No one has ever got rich doing those excursions; really significant objects and resources had been dug out and taken back to Earth II long time ago. They also lacked equipment to handle any major relics; their two mini excavators and a bulldozer was all they had to uncover most frequent findings of frozen people and fossilized animals.

Those usually paid fine; enough to cover the cost of fuel and months of sub par but carefree existence on Earth II.  

It was considered a major jackpot when they discovered a broken delivery truck with crates after crates of whiskey, beer and vodka. The booze could fetch enough to let them live of it for the next 9 months during which Earth was in grips of major snowstorms that circled most parts of the globe and made their expeditions life threatening. Also, Meed-Lu’s was about to start a new family with his now pregnant girlfriend making the find even more auspicious. 

As they were packing up the bottles into containers and the increasing wind was throwing the icy ninja stars of snowflakes at them Jaz suddenly suggested that he & Meed-Lu would head to the base with the crates.

‘Why don’t you prep all the equipment for the return to the ship?’- Jaz asked. ‘We have to be more efficient, the dusk is setting in’

Du agreed without thinking twice. The moment he was done locking all the equipment he called them. There was no answer. The snow blows were getting more intense and for a moment Du thought hoped that the weather messed with the cell signals.

He could not, however, risk waiting for the ship here. He started a car and drove towards the camp. 

As he plowed through the velvety curtains of the storm, his heart was sinking in his chest.  He could not believe it that his own brothers would leave him here. Were they that concerned with the weather? Did they want one less person to share the booty with?

He had to admit that they might still have a grudge about his penchant for sleeping with their girlfriends. But he worked really hard at being a better brother. Last year, he messed around with only one of those gals and when she became pregnant he discreetly let her know that it was time to end their relationship and go back to her boyfriend. “I hate myself for what I’ve done; you deserve so much better and my brother is a good guy...” he remembered consoling her.

As he got closer to the camp it became clear that the ship was indeed missing. In its place, there was a female figure standing next to the abandoned crates and barrels. He speeded up to help her carry the stuff into the barrack of the base – she definitely should not be right now carrying heavy objects.


  1. HA! Funny.

    I like your futuristic punctuation.

  2. Thank you! 'Futuristic punctuation' is a dyslexia of a new millennium